• Jason Keeble

When is enough, enough?

The G7 summit came and went in a flurry of barbecues, Cornish lobsters, wine, and a private display from the red arrows. Looking at the photos, it was clear, even for the most naive, that our world leaders were unconcerned about the dangers from Covid and the overblown deadly Delta variant.

They did not socially distance, wear masks nor adhere to their own advice. Why? Because they know there is no present danger. Do you think the world's elite would gather like that if there was?

Yet, yesterday they pushed back what the media has coined ‘freedom day’. Watching them at the press conference reminded me of three naughty schoolboys caught spying on the girls changing room, lying to conceal the facts of their wrongdoings. They stuttered and stumbled through the whole episode, blatantly nervous and lying about the dangers from the so-called Delta variant. Fear-mongering was yet again clearly on display, to scare those already petrified into excepting more of their draconian nonsense. Shame on them.

If you haven't realized it by now, ‘freedom day’ will never be given back fully, I've been stating this from the start. Even if by a miracle they do, trust me it will only be until the next variant appears.

So if you want, please continue to follow what they say and carry on cowering behind your couch with your mask on but for the rest of us, I suggest we take back what is not theirs to take away. Freedom day is a sound bite, a nonsense. Jordan Maxwell once said 'Your mind is like a parachute - if it's not open it's not working.

Take off your masks, inform others to question everything, and continue to live your life the way you see fit. If you don't start now, please don't complain when it's too late, I don't want to be the man who said I told you so.

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