• Jason Keeble

The truth behind the mask.

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Have you been shopping recently and while struggling to breathe through your mask, looked around at your fellow man and wondered what the hell we're all doing? Some are wearing their masks half way down their noses, others are home made, probably an old t-shirt redesigned and others are so ill fitting, a virus particle the size of a golf ball could get through. Its a noble effort and done because we still believe we are protecting others, but are we ?

Imagine if it was Ebola or Yellow fever, do you really think we would wear these haphazard

pieces of cloth? No, of course we wouldn’t, it would be hazmat suits and full diving gear, minus the flippers.

So why are were wearing them?

It's simple really, face masks have become a social norm. It’s no longer about health and nobody questions it. We don our face coverings like we would a coat. There is no evidence that surgical face masks provide protection from viral particles and Berlin recently banned them, ordering its population to wear FFP2 masks. So if there’s a dire emergency, as we have been led to to believe, then why our leaders not issuing the same orders?

Masks dehumanize the individual and are a tool for social control, so get ready for a lifetime of using them. As the sun newspaper reported recently 'Face masks and social distancing ‘could be in place for ten years’ as Brits warned measures face becoming ‘new norm’.


Here are some great articles I suggest you read on the mandate of face masks and why we are wearing them.

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