• Jason Keeble

The new normal?

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Some say new normal has arrived. For the past year, our government has dangled the carrot of a return to our old lives, without ever allowing us to taste it. Time and time again we have been led to believe, if we just get through the next lockdown, wear masks, socially distance and now take the vaccine, we will be free to do the things we enjoy again.

The thing is, it never happens. Why? Because it’s not supposed to. Covid is now a trillion- dollar industry and big business rarely relinquishes its grip on a market. Also, it has allowed government's the opportunity to push forward agendas they otherwise would have struggled to. Time and time again they have used crisis to their advantage and Covid has given them an opportunity to push through laws the public, under normal circumstances, would have rejected. So the way I see things, the longer this lasts, the better it is for them.

We are told this is the way things are now. If you accept that, prepare for a lifetime of panic, fear, masks, passports, lockdowns, more vaccines, new mutations and social control.

It’s a crying shame that billions of people across our planet have taken an experimental medicine, hoping to return to some sort of normality - seeing friends and loved ones, enjoying a drink and a catch-up, having dinner with the family and a whole plethora of normal activities that make us human, only to be told they can’t.

But there’s a new light on the horizon we’re told - a passport to monitor your freedoms, with it you can enjoy some pleasures at the behest of government? Papers for movement? Think about it. Only a totalitarian state would allow that to happen, but here we are all too willing to embrace it.

I read an article today how The World Economic Forum Is Promoting 'The ‘Smart Mask’ Of The Future.' That’s a sure sign as any we will always have to wear masks.

Also, an article from sky news reads - COVID-19: Life won't return to normal for at least two years, expert warns, saying pandemic 'isn't over until it's over globally'.

So, the stick holding the carrot just grew a little longer.

Let me tell you, Covid will be around forever. Corona viruses just don’t disappear nor can we eradicate them, we're not god. So, we either learn to live with it, like we do with a multitude of other diseases or continue to be controlled and dictated to by a handful of very powerful men and women.

As a society, we should protect the elderly and vulnerable and proceed as we always have done. I think I'd rather take my chance with a mild respiratory illness, than be imprisoned by a government following the drumbeat of the super-wealthy towards a dystopian future.

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What does ‘returning to normal' mean with a prime minister like Boris Johnson?

The Independent - Boris Johnson says we’re on a one-way road to freedom – but the road’s long and we might not be all that free,

Move aside, Big Pharma: BIG COVID is a trillion-dollar industry and those who profit from it will make sure covid never goes away.

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The Mail online - Masks and social distancing could be in place for 10 YEARS - as long as Britain endured rationing after the Second World War, Lord Sumption claims.

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