• Jason Keeble

The Greatest Show on Earth

Well, the Covid circus is still in town, and what a performance we've seen this year. The masses watch in awe, as ringmaster Boris and his lying pet monkey Hancock spout all kinds of scary nonsense. The medical clowns parade through the crowd handing out injections to those scared enough to take them and the media lions snap and growl at anyone who dares to disagree.

It sure is a great show but remember - that's all it is - a show.

Now, before we begin let's not forget Covid is real. People have died, mostly the elderly and vulnerable and their deaths must not be taken lightly. It's a crying shame that that section of society was not protected sooner, if anything is was mismanaged like many things at the beginning, giving us inflated death figures and masking the severity of the disease.

Another thing to keep in mind is at the start of this crisis we were told by the WHO that 4 out of 5 people who catch Covid only suffer a mild flu-like illness, and our very own Chris Whitty said in March 2020 -

'The great majority of people who get the virus, irrespective of age, will recover from it and most will have it as a mild or moderate illness and not require hospitalization.

"That's particularly true for children who seem to have this as a milder disease than adults.

"Older people or vulnerable people do get this more severely.'

The virus hasn't changed since that advice.

Covids severity is the elephant in the room, an elephant our government conveniently ignores. Instead, they rely on exaggerated models from the Imperial College London, broken PCR tests and advice from a sage committee heavily influenced by big pharmaceutical companies.

With that in mind, it is staggering what some in this world are trying to get away with. It is a known fact that those in power exploit crisis to their advantage, and oh how they have.

Big pharma saw an ideal opportunity to vaccinate the world and in the process create a trillion-dollar industry. Politicians and the private sector rubbed their hands together in glee, awarding contracts to friends and family to swell there all ready swollen bank accounts. Billionaires got richer and the demand for superyachts is now at an all-time high. Tony Blair starting crowing on about national ID in the guise of vaccine passports, his lifelong wet dream, and the world economic forum pounced on its only chance to bring in its technocratic dystopian dream. Oh, and I almost forgot, Boris Jonson saw it fit to renovate No 10 with gold wallpaper and spent up to £200,000 in the process.

All of this happened while the general population cowered in fear at home, told not to go out, not to hug, and most importantly not to ask questions - disgraceful.

But, yet in the light of all this, the thing that upsets me the most is how my fellow man refuses to see it. Instead, they follow blindly to the biased media drumbeat, happily excepting what there told, more interested in going on holiday and watching football than their ever-shrinking freedoms.

The picture is clear. The art of critical thought is dead.

The desperation to vaccinate the world is another major concern. As I have already mentioned, the only people who might benefit from it are the elderly and people with comorbidities, The rest of us do not need it, like we were told, for the majority it is only a mild flu-like illness.

But the show goes on, with nobody paying any heed to where all this is leading.

In New York, they are offering burgers and fries for those who don't want it. Ohio are running a state lottery to cajole the masses into taking it, even McDonald's is serving its customers a friendly reminder to get their COVID-19 vaccine. The fast food chain has partnered with the Biden administration on its “We Can Do This” campaign to help share vaccine information with its customers across the country and the restaurant plans to spread the word in multiple ways over the coming months.

This is all utter madness, it's a novel experimental medicine, one people have the right to question. It makes you wonder, why are they so desperate?

Come to the circus they cry, come and get your free jab, and a pat on the back. Take a front-row seat and listen to Hancock repeating the word deadly, over and over again.

It's the children next, big pharma's push to add even more revenue to its coffers. After that, it will be the Indian variant or some other variant used to scare us into more lockdowns, the continued wearing of masks, and social control.

The circus is never leaving town. So either stay scared, enjoy the show and prepare for a bleak future, or do some research, inform others and hope the big top comes tumbling down soon.

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