• Jason Keeble

Fighting for our children.

A few months ago I wrote an article called 'The children next', highlighting the advent of children getting the experimental Covid vaccine. Deep down I hoped this would disappear back into the realms of insanity where it came from, I prayed that the men and women running this show would never place profit over children's health, but alas it seems I was wrong.

Here we are now standing on the precipice of a crime against innocents. We all know children are at little to no risk from Covid. Over and over again we have been told this but recently I am sad to say the UK has approved the Pfizer/BioNTech coronavirus vaccine for use in children aged 12 to 15.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) authorised the use of the jab in the younger age group on Friday following a review of its safety, quality, and effectiveness.

Do you remember what Matt Hancock said back in Dec 2020?

"This vaccine will not be used for children. It hasn't been tested on children. And the reason is that the likelihood of children having significant detriment if they catch Covid-19 is very, very low. So, this is an adult vaccine, for the adult population."

As always, a man not to be trusted.

So, unfortunately, Boris's wish to vaccinate everybody in the world, something he will tell world leaders at the G7 summit, is primed and ready to go, but for it to be realized they need a good dose of old fashioned fear-mongering.

Recently, Scotland's health secretary lied on the BBC's Good Morning Scotland program on Wednesday, when he said that 10 children aged zero to nine were admitted to hospital last week "because of Covid". He added: "Therefore the risk of someone who travelled from a level two area into a level one area and who took their children into a soft play area could lead to the hospitalization of children. Luckily he was called out and has now said he "regrets" if his claim that 10 children had been hospitalized "because of Covid" had caused undue alarm. This is disgraceful and he should be sacked immediately.

A headline today in Cornwall live reads - Fears children returning to school may fuel a new surge in Covid infections.

The piece goes on to say returning school pupils are being asked to play their part in keeping coronavirus rates under control. Also, Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who signalled he was in favour of vaccinating 12-15-year-olds to prevent school outbreaks, told pupils returning to classrooms this week after the half-term break that the "most important thing" they could do was get tested to ensure they are not asymptomatically carrying the virus.

I could easily pick through headline after headline about Covid outbreaks reported in schools, child transmission, and a whole host of other nefarious lies written to induce compliance through fear.

Over the next few months, I guarantee news reports like this will increase. Their game plan is transparent and if they go ahead with this we must fight it tooth and nail, if we cannot protect our children then we are truly lost. As Indira Gandhi said -

‘We must protect families, we must protect children, who have inalienable rights and should be loved, should be taken care of physically and mentally, and should not be brought into the world only to suffer.’

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