• Jason Keeble

Buried under a mountain of stupidity.

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

While reading through mainstream media news today, I was reminded of a quote by Alexandre Dumas, that human genius has its limits while human stupidity does not. The mountain of lies and hypocrisy should be blatantly obvious for all to see, even for the most ignorant.

It's hilarious how headlines like - 'Is It Hay Fever Or The Delta Variant? How To Tell The Difference’ can be taken seriously.

If you have to question a runny nose, then it's obvious that things are becoming farcical. It's also ridiculous that the only ones now being infected are the young, just in time for their jab. The people in charge are literately playing us for fools.

But while they try to keep us fearful of hay-fever here in England, in other parts of the world the same variant is being used to scare the living daylights out of its citizens.

In an article from the same media outlet, three headlines down it reads - ‘Delta Variant Prompts WHO Warning, Mask Requirement In Israel, U.K. Lockdown, Growing Concern That The U.S. Is Next.’

It goes on to say, that Israel on Friday reinstated indoor mask requirements due to the variant’s spread. According to the Wall Street Journal, “About half of adults infected in an outbreak of the Delta variant of Covid-19 in Israel were fully inoculated with the Pfizer Inc. vaccine.”

It also states that the country's number of new daily cases produced by the outbreak was only 200, but that was up from 10 daily cases seen through most of June. It seems to be plowing through the immunity provided by the vaccine and afflicting those with stronger immune systems. According to the WSJ, "Children under 16, most of whom haven't been vaccinated, accounted for about half of those infected."

So, they're using a mild cold, to justify giving young people an experimental medicine, to protect them from a runny nose that they can still catch. Join the dots, I'm speechless. If people are swallowing this lie, then all is lost. This madness must stop before I end up emailing Elon Musk to launch me into space as an experiment and leave all this bullshit behind.

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