• Jason Keeble

Are you really protected at all?

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

As the rollout of the vaccine continues, evidence is emerging that we're not as protected as we have been led to believe.

The sole purpose of the vaccine is to combat covid symptoms, meaning you can still be infected and transmit it, hence why nothing has changed - social distancing remains and masks must still be worn.

Another thing to remember. for the vast majority of people under 70, covid is nothing more than a mild illness, so getting a novel vaccine to reduce symptoms makes no sense, as the benefits do not out way the risk. As I've discussed in other articles, the only people who can benefit from a vaccine that reduces the severity of symptoms are our aged population and the medically vulnerable.

A study from Israel, the first of its kind, has revealed that the prevalence of the South African strain among vaccinated individuals who were infected, despite their inoculation, was eight times higher than its prevalence in the unvaccinated infected population. Also recently, a Yale public health professor, Dr. Harvey Risch, suggests 60% of new COVID-19 patients have received the vaccine.

I've included the articles below for you to read and we must remember that these vaccines are still undergoing phase three trials and are still experimental. The window for something to go wrong remains well and truly open. Again, do the benefits out way the risk? I'll leave that for you to decide.

Israeli data shows South African variant able to ‘break through’ Pfizer vaccine -

Yale public health professor suggests 60% of new COVID-19 patients have received the vaccine -

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