• Jason Keeble


Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Throughout history, fear has been used to control the masses. It’s the weapon of choice that leaders and governments have turned to time and time again.

It began with religion and the fear of hell and damnation. With the advent of the second world war came Nazism, closely followed by communism along with the Russians and the threat of nuclear devastation. The twentieth century saw evil terrorists plotting our downfall with weapons of mass destruction and finally the greatest one of all - a virus that you can't see nor predict. It's the perfect tool for the future of fear. It can mutate and kill millions, it can infect whatever you want, it can come and go on a whim and you can continue to change the goal-posts whenever you wish.

Look at what fear has done to us in just one year. We've allowed a hand full of plutocrats to control our movements, make us cover our faces, put us under house arrest for months on end, censored the media and the internet, forbidden protests and mass gatherings, and are injecting millions with an experimental vaccine that doesn't stop you catching the virus.

Soon they will come for your children and digital paperwork will arrive to allow us limited movement under the guise of protection. Does fear work? Most defiantly.

Below is a video and a transcript from ‘The Academy of Ideas’ that describes the use of fear for social control.

Fear and Social Control

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