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This website has been created with the sole intention of reporting events that have occurred surrounding the pandemic. It does not dabble in conspiracy, nor theory, everything you read here is a simple truth. I feel obligated to share with you some of these nuggets, as I believe it is important that we are educated and informed. In our modern world we are surrounded, almost bombarded with a glut of disinformation. So much so, it is seemingly impossible to know what is real and what is not. There is an old Chinese fable about a frog that lived in a well, he thought he knew everything, however, after a conversation with a turtle passing by the well, he realized that he only knew of a small world: the well where he was living. That is us today. The news we receive from mainstream media is distorted, censored and sometimes simply ignored to fit in with the perceptions we have of ourselves. There are some in power who believe it is not in our best interests to know the truth - I disagree. So please, take what you read here, and join the dots yourself. Who knows? You might just reveal the bigger picture.